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In the mid-1960.s, the Reynolds Community and portions of the Oakley Community were not covered by fire protection. Fire departments from other districts had to be called in if there was a fire. After several fires in these communities, a group of men got together and decided enough was enough. They began to explore the possibilities of a volunteer fire department being formed for this "no man's land". In April of 1968, we received our Charter and Bud Sales was elected as Chief. He is still our chief today. We did not have a truck, building, or equipment, but we did have determination. Barnardsville Fire Department loaned us a truck to use and it was housed in the barn on the Sales Farm. Property was acquired on Charlotte Hwy at the Rose Hill Rd intersection and a building was begun. Our first new engine, an American LaFrance, arrived in 1970 and it is still in service today as a reserve pumper. We acquired other .very used. apparatus, including one tanker that had to be pulled off with a rope to get it started. It didn.t even have a pump. But here we are today blessed with 11 pieces of apparatus. Many countless hours have been put into our department by men and women too numerous to name. Our community owes them a great debt of thanks, for without them we would not be where we are today. We have come from running 45 calls our first year to now over 700. We continue to strive daily to improve the service we provide to our community. It is our privilege to serve in the Reynolds Volunteer Fire Department.

Article from Asheville Citizen Times

Woman says thanks for heroism of firefighters

By Velda Fisher


      ASHEVILLE - I am writing in hopes that you will print an article for me to say thanks to the Reynolds Fire Department for the exceptional way in which they handled a fire that occurred at Cedarwood Condominiums on the morning of Dec. 14.
      I own unit 2A, directly below the unit in which the fire started. I have much to be thankful for regarding the event of this tragedy. The fire began about 7:20 a.m. I was just about ready to walk out the door to go to work when my neighbor came to my door and said, .Get out, the building is on fire!.
      I only had time to go back in to get my purse and a few articles that were sitting by my front door. I didn.t even get my car keys. Within just a few minutes there was smoke billowing from the roof, then flames shooting up.
      Needless to say, it was a day of waiting, talking with family, friends, neighbors and various officials. The Red Cross did come during this time and say that my neighbor.s and my immediate needs were met, and for that we were very grateful. During that day, I just assumed all would be lost, but the only thing that really mattered to me were my children.s pictures. I hoped and prayed they would somehow be saved since they were in my bedroom closet, which was on the interior wall.
      When my family and I were told we could go back in at about 3 that afternoon, I was amazed! The firemen had allowed the fire in the unit above me to burn while they took the time to go into my unit, pull everything they could to the center of each room and cover it with tarps.
      They had taken my boxes of pictures and important papers out of my bedroom closet and put them on my bed with all my clothes, jewelry box and other items. They even picked up rebate forms for my computer off my floor along with my briefcase and placed tarps over it all.
      But, I still get emotional when I remember walking into the kitchen, opening a cabinet and seeing my children.s graduation pictures that they had taken off my hall wall and placed in the kitchen cupboards for protection.
      They even took the time to fill my oven with small appliances. I had Christmas stockings I had made that were hanging on my mantel and did not seem them, so I assumed they were gone. But when the cleaners brought some of my cleaning back, there they were.
      I did not lose one picture or one important paper. It is an aggravation to go through this, but I am so thankful to God for his watching over my life and things of mine that could not be replaced and for the firefighters of the Reynolds Fire Department and their thoughtfulness.
      Later, when I went by their fire department to thank them, I saw a poster with a saying on it above one of their doors that read, "We don't believe in miracles, we rely on them."
      I loved it. I thank God and the firemen for the miracle in my life that occurred that day.